A conservatory is a beautiful light filled room where it is a pleasure to spend time. A calming space that enhances your lifestyle and gives you that valuable extra living space, adding value to your home. But have you considered how you will keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter? By choosing a conservatory fitted with a LEKA Warm Roof you will have a conservatory that is a room to be enjoyed all year round. What’s more, because it has all the looks of a traditional extension, it will be a seamless addition to the home.

Choosing a solid conservatory roof has, in the past, made life a little more difficult than the glass or plastic option. The need to comply with building regulations to have a solid conservatory roof fitted meant extra time and expense. However, Leka certified installers have been pre approved to fit Leka roofs and therefore the building regulations headaches of the past are eradicated.

solid roof conservatory
inside a solid roof conservatory


If you are finding your existing conservatory roof is not working for you, then the LEKA Warm Roof can be retro-fitted onto your existing conservatory. A new LEKA Warm Roof will simply transform your conservatory and give you the room you have always dreamed of.

Stage 0 – Before work commenced

solid roof conservatory

Stage 2

completed solid roof conservatory Surrey

Stage 4 – Work completed

solid conservatory roof

Stage 1

solid roof conservatory

Stage 3

Leka Approved Solid Conservatory Roof System for Building Regulation Compliance

Leka is the genuinely lightweight tiled, solid roof conservatory. Fast and easy to fit, the Leka solid conservatory roof is a highly insulated solution for replacing existing glazed roofs or new glazed extensions.

Why Leka?

  • Perfect replacement for old glazed roofs
  • Industry leading U-Value of 0.15
  • Installation time is typically 2-3 days
  • JHIA Approved for Building Regulation compliance
  • Lightweight glass-reinforced plastic ring beam and rafters
  • Choice of Tapco Slate or Metrotile external finishes
  • 40-year system warranty

Roof Design

solid roof conservatory
solid roof conservatory
Leka solid conservatory roof Hampshire