Our doors can not only enhance the character of your home but also add safety, security and insulation. Thermally efficient and weatherproof with a multi-point locking system, our range includes: Bi-fold, Composite, French, Patio, Stable, Front door and Back door in UPVC or aluminium.

You can mix and match from a wide range of modern and traditional styles, glass designs and hardware to find the perfect look for you.

Each door that you order is tailor-made just for you and all with a 10 year guarantee.


Our Spitfire aluminium door is the perfect fusion of security, substance and style. Each door and frame is meticulously engineered by combining substantial aluminium sections with hi-tech options like automatic locking and fingerprint access control.

Spitfire Doors, both hinged and pivot versions, are technically advanced products that combine very high-grade materials with exceptional manufacturing, which guarantees performance and durability.

With over 600 customisable door designs available, you can create your own totally unique entrance. We also offer very wide doors up to 2 metres wide and up to 3 metres high. The variety of doors includes: side lights, double doors, door and a half, or French doors, there is a Spitfire Door to type suit every property. We can accommodate most desires and design an entrance door with guaranteed Wow factor.

Spitfire Signature Series Doors can be specified with fingerprint unlocking or code-pad access technology, which will work with most, if not all ‘smart-home’ systems. Our multipoint locks integrate seamlessly with our biometric control systems, to guarantee that your door will effortlessly unlock every time and they are also highly secure.


composite door fitter clanfield

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composite stable door clanfield

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Our Composite Door provides an alternative to the UPVC residential entrance, combining modern materials and performance with traditional style.

Made from a solid timber-core (unlike the inferior foam filled alternatives), our doors offer unrivalled levels of security, energy efficiency and beauty.

With hundreds of design choices, over 10,400 colour options and unsurpassed range of handles and accessories, we are proud to lead the field.


french doors southampton
french doors southampton

Our French Doors can dramatically transform the look and feel of a room, providing an attractive open outlook into any garden or from a conservatory, enabling daylight and fresh air in. Double opening UPVC French doors can transform a simple doorway in your home into a grand entrance.

Our French doors are beautifully made and come in a range of colours, styles and finishes enabling you to match them exactly to your home.



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patio doors Midhurst
patio doors Midhurst

Our sliding Patio Doors are practical and elegant, thermally efficient and reassuringly secure.

Tailor-made to your exact requirements, these aluminium or UPVC doors are an ideal choice for those that want to create the feeling of space. The door slides effortlessly on steel runners, giving you an easy opening and closing action and allowing you to furnish your room without having to make allowances for an obstructive door; a perfect door for those with limited indoor/outdoor space.


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Bi-folding doors are a dramatic way to open up your home to your garden. Whether you want to replace existing Patio or French Doors or you would like to open up a wall to let more of the outside in, the Bi-Fold Door is an excellent option. It is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

The amount of folding is your choice, from 2 to 7 frames; each bi-fold door consists of two or more sturdy frames joined using multiple durable hinges and mounted on runners. You can think of them as being folding sliding doors, although with a slimmer and more compact profile.

These doors can be fully or partially opened or fully closed depending upon your requirements. When they are fully opened, the doors stack neatly enabling space saving and creating an ‘open plan’ living area.

You can also choose to have different colours for the inside and outside folding frame, so that they can easily be matched to blend in with both your external and interior environments.